The Well of Loneliness Revisited

The Well of Loneliness Revisited,
Watercolor screenprint, chine-collé and monotype techniques

The Well of Loneliness Revisited is a body of work based around the book of the same name by Radclyffe Hall. Although, this was one of the first and most influential books that featured lesbian themes, it was a hard piece of literature for me to read as a newly out lesbian. The book, as the name may suggest, is not a happy one. The main character doesn’t get a single happy ending for herself due to her lesbian nature. To push back against the effect this book had on me, I cut the words from the pages that impacted me the most. By cutting away the text I reveal appropriated imagery of women that I screen printed with watercolors. The fact that the women underneath are never fully revealed to the viewer, speaks to the fact that stories by and for lesbians, despite how well intentioned, still continue to affect how we are seen and how we see ourselves.