etchings and chine-collé with hand-coloring
12 in x 12 in

is a body of work that investigates the parts of a person that culminate in the whole. This series is fueled by my interest and identification with the minotaur in Greek mythology. The minotaur in my work is a placeholder for my own feelings about my identity and how I feel I am seen in society. My minotaur is not the same minotaur from the island of Crete, this minotaur exists somewhere between the mountains of my new home in Colorado and the sprawling prairies and farmland of Nebraska. This body of work expresses my feelings surrounding being a Queer woman in the rural midwest lacking a community. The minotaur is half-human and half-bull; I feel half of one and half of another, something that doesn’t quite belong. By exploring the use of repeated imagery and alternative compositions I am learning to understand myself, the world around me, and my place within it.
If there is no space for me then I will create it myself.
FRAGMENT #1Fragment #1
Fragment #3
Fragment #4